The presented here bibliography is build up from different interconnected and supplementing each other parts. Its preparation started in the frames of the research project “Economical symbiosis and cultural separation: service nomads in rural and urban context” of the   Collaborative Research Centre “Difference and Integration” of University of Leipzig and Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (2001-2004). Part of the titles, represented here were included in the prepared together with our colleagues and students from the University of Leipzig issue Zigeuner des Schwarzmeergebietes. Eine Bibliographie. Hrsg. von Bernhard Streck unter Mitwirkung von Jens Bengelsdorf, Fabian Jacobs, Cornelia Klippenstein, Elena Marushiakova, Udo Mischek, Vesselin Popov, Simone Willner, Die Materialien des SFB "Differenz und Integration", Orientwissenschaftliches Zentrum der Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg, Heft II/2003.

Here an edited and significantly improved version of the Bibliography is presented, and many new titles are included. The literature, dedicated to the Gypsies (Roma and other Gypsy communities) in Bulgaria, Romania and in the countries, which inherited the USSR) is completed with the publications of Roma/Gypsy organizations from these countries and is restricted chronologically till year 2002.      

The rubric “New Titles” includes the most important publications after the year 2002, connected to the Gypsies/Roma in Bulgaria, as well as publication from Bulgarian authors, based on their research of Gypsies, living in different countries of the world (mainly the Balkans and Eastern Europe). This part of the bibliography is incomplete and will remain opened, i.e. it will be updated constantly and regularly.

The titles in the Bibliography are separated into different divisions; General works, History, Linguistics, Ethnography/Ethnology and Anthropology; Folklore and Oral History; Sociology and Political Sciences; Publicistic & Propaganda and Agitation & Human rights & Nongovernmental organizations; Religious literature; Education and Educational Materials, Fiction; Others; Gypsy/Roma newspapers and journals.

Of course, this inner division of the Bibliography as well as any such classifications is principally conditional and not entirely correct, but it helps for better orientation in the matter. The separation of the division “Publicistic & Propaganda and Agitation & Human rights & Nongovernmental organizations” has its inner (formal) logics – here are included publications, serving certain politics (though with opposite ideological load). The “Fiction” division includes only works by Gypsy/Roma authors, regardless of the language in which they are written, as well as translations in Romanes of works of Non-Gypsy authors. In the “Others” division are included publications, which are not suitable for the rest of the categories.

The separate articles or other materials, dedicated to Gypsies/Roma, published in the periodic press (including the numerous publications of the NGO sector in recent time) are not included in to the Bibliography because of their big number and not very big significance.

The bi-lingual publications are marked with the sign [//].

Bulgaria (up till 2002)

Romania (up till 2002)

USSR/CIS (up till 2002)

New Titles (after 2002)